Håkan Östlundh

The Diver


Gotland is suffering a record heat wave that lingers well into September. But it isn't the stifling heat that keeps twenty-four-year-old Jenny Lundgren awake at night. She is plagued by dark memories from her childhood, frightening images from a recurring nightmare that forces her to make a dramatic decision. She reports her own father to the police for murder.
      A week later two young boys snorkelling in a water-filled limestone quarry in northern Gotland, discover something horrible. A few meters beneath the surface floats the body of a diver.
      The two events mark the beginning of a journey back in time. A journey that stirs up even more horrific memories than the ones keeping Jenny awake at night.

“The intrigue is brilliant and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat throughout”
    Marita Johansen, Nerikes Allehanda

“This is a very unsettling story, and Håkan Östlundh does an excellent job telling it.”
    Yukiko Duke, Gomorron Sverige

“The Diver is a book that is impossible to put down; it engages, asks questions about our memories and our subconscious minds, and about what severe traumas can do to us and our relationships to other people.”
    Gunilla Wedding, Skånska Dagbladet

“Östlundh's writing just begs to be turned into film, with its richly detailed characters and environments, and fast moving dialogue.”
    Ingela Brovik, Helsingborgs Dagblad



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