Håkan Östlundh

Sea Wrack


Detective Fredrik Broman and his family have just moved from Stockholm to Gotland where Frederik is serving his first summer on the Visby police force. Late one night he receives a call from an elderly man complaining about a Volvo with a roof box, that is illegally parked next to a public beach. It smells strange too. Like rotting seaweed.
      Reluctant, and feeling slightly ill at ease, Fredrik drives to the beach to take a look. The old man was right. There is an unpleasant smell surrounding the car. A quick peek inside the white roof box is enough to explain why. There's a dead man lying inside, or rather what's left of him: he's been butchered like an animal.
      This sets off a frantic search for a brutal murderer. In the tabloid headlines, the summer island paradise of Gotland turns into "The Island of Horror", and for Fredrik and his family the dream of Gotland becomes a nightmare, as they begin to realise that the horror is right on their doorstep.

“I recommend Sea Wrack, without hesitation.”
    Örjan Abrahamsson, Hallandsposten

“The author manages to build up an intensely frightening and slightly surreal atmosphere in the otherwise idyllic setting of summertime Gotland, and creates a story that is both dramatic and thrilling.”
    Ola Sollerman, Gotlands tidningar



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